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LiftLiner tugger train in use at Sulzer plant

The LiftLiner® – A perfect match for the new Sulzer pump factory

When building an automated production line and a logistics center to modernise their pump factory in Kotka, Sulzer decided to test what equipment brings the most efficiency to their internal logistics.

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LiftLiner RC tugger train

Introducing: The LiftLiner® RC

K. Hartwall is proud to be the first company to launch a tugger train for roll cages and dollies.

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LiftLiner tugger train for parcel operations

The secret to building resilient supply chains

The writing is on the wall. Empty shelves, delayed, missed or cancelled deliveries, and rising prices of goods. How do we break out of the global supply chain crisis? Automation might be the answer.

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Easy load handling with the Liftliner Tugger train at Posti Finland

The LiftLiner® is the complete package

By moving from forklifts to the K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train, Posti Group managed to not only increase its productivity by almost 40%, but also to increase the safety of its employees.

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product portfolio intralogistics K.Hartwall includes tugger trains roll container and foldable cages

Are you prepared for the new future?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the world is facing unprecedented challenges. There is a lot of uncertainty in the air, which makes planning for the future very challenging. From an operational perspective, what are the things postal and parcel companies should be considering to be better prepared for the coming years?

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LiftLiner tugger train in parcel logistics

The LiftLiner in parcel logistics

Forklifts are widely used in parcel operations today to move different load carriers. However, the need for greater throughput is making sorting centres more congested and forklift movements are becoming an increasing challenge for many parcel operators.

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