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castorama using SmartCube Jumbo

CASTORAMA adopts the SmartCube® Jumbo

Castorama Poland selects K. Hartwall SmartCube® Jumbo to replace pallets to increase the efficiency of their operations

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Selgros using K.Hartwalls rollcage Foldia Plus is an ideal adjustable solution

Foldia® Plus – the perfect “adjustable” solution for Selgros

“First we were thinking about the space that we could save in the DC, the stores, as well as in the trucks, but we soon noticed that the Foldia® Plus had a positive impact on the entire supply chain”

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Maison Thiriet choses K.Hartwall to renew its roll cage fleet with Foldia

Maison Thiriet chose K.Hartwall to renew its fleet with Foldia®

To support its development, search for profitability and continuous improvement approach, Groupe Thiriet decides to replace its fleet of demountable roll cages with the Foldia®.

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Foodex using Foldia for the in store retail logistics

Why choosing a roll cage could be the biggest logistics decision you ever make?

The humble roll cage, stalwart of the logistics industry for many years, continues to be the most efficient way to move mixed loads through the supply chain with minimal handling and ease of replenishment.

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4-sided Foldia roll container for wine retail

4-sided Foldia® – A great solution for delivering exclusive gastro food and wine

Foldias were a perfect fit for Winetime's logistics operation and provided a lot of benefits both in terms of cost-efficiency and also better ergonomics for their employees.

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Schiever Group chooses Foldia to replace its demountable fleet

Schiever Group chooses Foldia® to replace its demountable fleet

In its process of continuous improvement, the SCHIEVER Group was looking for a sustainable alternative to reduce the health & safety risks in its operations

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Improved TCO thanks to adapted tools and training in South America

Improved TCO thanks to adapted tools and training

To help repair and maintenance work, K.Hartwall has designed a repair bench with a set of suitable tools. A good example of utilizing the repair bench is a leading supermarket chain in Ecuador.

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Clever load carriers will optimise your logistics

By adding a sensor, a load carrier can become an intelligent asset that has the ability to produce data. There are several sensor technologies available but more important than the technology are the benefits that can be unlocked.

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UPF improve their internal logistics with Foldia roll cages from K.Harwall

U Proximité France improve their operations with Foldia®

While renewing its equipment, U Proximité France, realised that they could easily improve their operations and the work conditions of their operators within the warehouse, the stores as well as under transport.

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Roll container use reduce the total cost of ownership at Rossmann in Czech Republic

Total Cost of Ownership is Rossmann Czech Republic’s way of thinking

“We have been working with K.Hartwall for 12 years and the principal reason for this long-term partnership is the honest relationship, true support and very good quality of the products.”

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SPAR using Foldia as roll cage solution

Foldia® was the right solution for SPAR

SPAR Handels AG Switzerland is a leading retailer with independently owned and operated food retail stores and gas stations. SPAR started a project in 2016 to rethink their transport management with foldable roll container.

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