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Increased efficiency

ZF implements the LiftLiner® to improve efficiency and reduce TCO

ZF adopts the LiftLiner for their largest factory in Saarbrücken which is dedicated to fully-electric drives production.

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Deutsche Bahn implements the LiftLiner® for their most modern maintenance plant

Deutsche Bahn is using our LiftLiner® in their new maintenance plant for the ICE trains. It was a challenging project as the hall is 450 meters long.

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CASTORAMA Poland further enhance their logistics with the SmartCube® Light

The synergy between the SmartCube® Light and SmartCube® Jumbo was evident, with the ability to stack two SmartCube® Light cages on top of one SmartCube® Jumbo for even greater vehicle cubic efficiency

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4-sided Compactainer carrying parcels at Saudi Post Logistics

Saudi Post reduces manual handling and improves ergonomics

The 4-sided Compactainer® was a firm choice for this purpose

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A powerful duo

Introducing the powerful combination of K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train and Movexx RR3500S tugger, a game-changer for seamless and safe material handling

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Lean Dollies and Adaport Pallets in use at THK Czech Republic

THK uses K.Hartwall Lean Dollies & Adaptor Pallets to further improve their intralogistics

Thanks to them, they can eliminate unnecessary manual handlings such as the reloading of boxes from pallets to carts.

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SmartCube foldable cage for standing items in use at BAHAG Bauhaus

BAHAG implements the SmartCube® Standing Items to replace pallets

The main aim was to make the handling of long or bulky items more economical and ecological. K.Hartwall SmartCube® Standing Items was the perfect fit.

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The 4-sided Compactainer in use at Metro Romania

Metro Romania eliminates massive amount of stretch foil using the Compactainer

The 2-sided Compactainer® equipped with metal add-on doors enables Metro Romania to eliminate an impressive 130 tonnes of stretch foil annually

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LiftLiner tugger train in use at Sulzer plant

The LiftLiner® – A perfect match for the new Sulzer pump factory

When building an automated production line and a logistics center to modernise their pump factory in Kotka, Sulzer decided to test what equipment brings the most efficiency to their internal logistics.

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Introducing the new counterbalanced AMR A-MATE Counter

Introducing: The A-MATE® Counter

K. Hartwall is proud to announce the launch of the world's most compact counterbalanced AMR in its payload class.

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K.Hartwall blog about dark store logistics solutions

Navigating the dark store dilemma

The retail dilemma of whether to have more dark stores or not is becoming more complex. Is there a smart way out of this maze? Find out.

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Easy load handling with the Liftliner Tugger train at Posti Finland

The LiftLiner® is the complete package

By moving from forklifts to the K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train, Posti Group managed to not only increase its productivity by almost 40%, but also to increase the safety of its employees.

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Maison Thiriet choses K.Hartwall to renew its roll cage fleet with Foldia

Maison Thiriet chose K.Hartwall to renew its fleet with Foldia®

To support its development, search for profitability and continuous improvement approach, Groupe Thiriet decides to replace its fleet of demountable roll cages with the Foldia®.

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Schiever Group chooses Foldia to replace its demountable fleet

Schiever Group chooses Foldia® to replace its demountable fleet

In its process of continuous improvement, the SCHIEVER Group was looking for a sustainable alternative to reduce the health & safety risks in its operations

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SmartCube solution for customer Ahlsell

The SmartCube® was the perfect fit for Ahlsell

Ahlsell Sweden have been undergoing a huge expansion for the past 3 years and invested tens of millons euros to build a high storage warehouse. For this new operation they needed a suitable and efficient load carrier.

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Combining parcel and letter streams

Because flagship automated sorting systems are undeniably glamorous, it is easy to overlook the huge potential efficiency improvements that can be achieved by optimising manual handling operations and maximising cubic fill.

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Effective alternatives to loose loading

Loose loading of parcels between terminals is a very common way of operating within Postal – and for good reasons. As a large part of the overall logistics costs is tied to transportation, assuring the maximal cubic fill especially for long distances in trucks or containers is smart and cost efficient.

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Do you know your total Supply Chain costs?

You most likely know your yearly transport costs and cost per shipped unit. You will also know your DC personnel costs and total cost of DC operations. But do you know the hours used and the costs for replenishment in stores? Do you know how much it contributes to the total handling costs?

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