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Logistics reinvented


Automation, sustainability and tracking key in logistics

When logistics firm K.Hartwall asked customers about their biggest challenges, warehouse automation, asset tracking and sustainability were among the top trends they identified.

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Fozzy Group gained in efficiency and found a sustainable solution: the 4-sided Compactainer®

The main reasons for choosing K.Hartwall roll cage were high quality combined with low weight compared to other 4-sided roll containers.

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Be smart, be sustainable

We are all familiar with the idea of TCO – total cost of ownership. However, it is not just the cost that we should approach with this method. The same should concern the sustainability aspect of the way we work and the investments that we make.

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ECOLOTRANS: the Foldia® is a sustainable and ergonomic solution

Ecolotrans has been using demountable roll containers from the very start but realised after testing the Foldia that it was a much more ergonomic, sustainable and effective alternative.

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Effective alternatives to loose loading

Loose loading of parcels between terminals is a very common way of operating within Postal – and for good reasons. As a large part of the overall logistics costs is tied to transportation, assuring the maximal cubic fill especially for long distances in trucks or containers is smart and cost efficient.

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We are green

In Finland we are close to nature. It is a part of our DNA, not just a trend. At K. Hartwall we have intensified our efforts over the last four years to manage environmental issues.

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