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Fozzy Group gained in efficiency and found a sustainable solution: the 4-sided Compactainer®

The main reasons for choosing K.Hartwall roll cage were high quality combined with low weight compared to other 4-sided roll containers.

Fozzy Group gained in efficiency and found a sustainable solution with the 4-sided Compactainer from K.Hartwall

Fozzy Group is one of the largest industrial trade groups and leading retailers in Ukraine, with over 700 stores around the country. Besides retail, the Group’s business interests include food production, banking, IT, logistics, tourism and restaurants.

The group sells groceries via its Silpo supermarkets chain, Le Silpo gourmet stores, wholesale and retail Fozzy hypermarkets,  Fora convenience store and , and Thrash! supermarket chain.

Seven years ago, Fozzy Group started working with K.Hartwall by purchasing their first roll containers. After testing models from different suppliers, they chose a K.Hartwall design. The main reasons were good quality and low weight (48kg) compared to other 4-sided roll containers.

Fozzy Group, who have previously used wooden pallets, decided to switch to roll containers in their retail businesses operations. To start with, they used them principally for the distribution of dairy products.

Very soon after the first roll out we noticed that replenishment was much faster than with wooden pallets and also much easier for women, who represent 70% of our store employees,” mentions Jurij, Stores Operation Manager.

Soon after, the Compactainer® roll cages were rolled out to all store categories. To enable that change, 90% of shops modified their back stores in order to use the Compactainers® as “storage units”. That way, at any moment, store employees have roll containers ready to be rolled into the store to replenish the stock.

“We have eliminated both the cost and time needed to do the shrink wrapping we did on the pallets. This is a significant saving for our warehouses. Also, the control of the products is much faster than with wooden pallets” says Jurij, Stores Operation Manager.

“Currently, we have around 34,000 K.Hartwall Compactainers® in operation. We use them for all product categories. We have been cooperating with K.Hartwall since 2012 and now we can see that after 9 years that the biggest saving has been the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We hope to continue our good cooperation. K.Hartwall is for sure a partner you can really rely on! ” adds Svetlana Shchegrykovych, Head of Import Department.

At this moment Fozzy  Group is using 4-sided K.Hartwall Compactainer® roll containers in 2 DCs out of 4 and in the future, they have plans to expand their use to all 4 DCs.

The new load carrier had to be more efficient than the wooden pallets. It had to be more suited to store replenishment and also lighter, but strong as well as easy to work with in the distribution centres.

Fozzy Group identified several areas that were improved with a nestable roll container:

  • With the 4-sided Compactainer® the time and cost associated with shrink wrapping are eliminated
  • Higher vehicle cubic fill
  • 30% faster replenishment in store – when you scale this up across all their outlets, the savings are significant
  • Space-saving and faster unloading – in shops and at the warehouses
  • Efficient back store operations as they are used instead of fixed shelfs

Fozzy Group was not only impressed by the quality of the product but also quick response times and accurate delivery. The professional approach from the K.Hartwall team was really appreciated as well.

The Compactainer® is a nestable roll container. When empty, they nest into each other saving up to 75% of space in your warehouse or backstore.

Igor Ciric
Sales Manager, Retail Central Europe


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