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Be smart, be sustainable

We are all familiar with the idea of TCO – total cost of ownership. However, it is not just the cost that we should approach with this method. The same should concern the sustainability aspect of the way we work and the investments that we make.

When making investment decisions, we should not only look at the purchase price, but consider the lifetime cost of using the asset. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten, as the old saying goes. However, it is not just the cost that we should approach with this method. The same should concern the sustainability aspect of the way we work and the investments that we make.

We at K. Hartwall are working hard to do our part, as we both strive to act sustainable ourselves, but believe that we can have a crucial role also in helping our customers to do that. This is what K. Hartwall is all about – while providing the lowest TCO, also providing the highest TSO, Total Sustainability of Ownership to our customers. This includes minimizing the adverse effect on environment, be it the operational CO2 emissions, use of resources or well-being of the human stakeholders in all steps of the process.

When talking about sustainability, the first thing that nowadays comes to mind is obviously CO2 emissions. While being important, it is a far too easy answer to a complex question of how to act sustainable. CO2 has effectively become a buzzword which seemingly solves all problems but might hide unsustainable practices and harmful operations in other ways. Using of electronic vehicles alone will not save our planet.

From the green perspective, K. Hartwall is the most sustainable choice in many ways. First of all, we take pride in saying that in over the 40 years in load carrier business, we have developed unmatched quality and the longest lasting products on the market, meaning the least resources consumed over the lifetime of the product. This is achieved with the right materials and surface treatments combined with the best design. The thickest and heaviest structure is not always the strongest.

Secondly, by default our products always support space-efficiency. They maximize the truck fill when transporting goods and take minimum space when transported empty. This means less trucks on the road and less distance traveled – having a direct impact on consumed fuel and released emissions; carbon dioxide (CO2) but also Nitrogen oxide and other particles.

Thirdly, our products are designed for the most efficient production – assembly – delivery -process. When it makes sense, our products are shipped in their most compact form of subcomponents and then assembled fast and easy on site. While keeping the transportation costs low (affecting often significantly the final landed cost), it also means that the container/trailer fill can be maximized, resulting again in less traffic and less pollution in the air.

Fourth point: Finland is one of the cleanest and purest countries in the world and on our part, we make sure that it stays that way. Strictly controlled production process that does not release any harmful substances to our precious environment goes without saying.

Finally, sustainability should also cover the social effect of the business. Being family-owned company, K. Hartwall treats its employees fairly and respectfully, and requires this from its suppliers and subcontractors as well. On the other hand, we are also most concerned of the well-being of the actual users of our products. We believe that the only way to sustain a healthy business and keep the decades long customer relationships that we are so proud of, we have to provide products that are safe and ergonomic to use. Our products have to be safe, convenient, and efficient to use inside and outside, in all conditions and all steps of the supply chain. Furthermore, our semi- and fully automated solutions such as tugger trains and AGV mobile robots will play a big role in the future in supporting sustainable ways of working.

Make a smart and sustainable move – partner with K. Hartwall!

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