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100% carbon-free electricity in 2023

In 2023, K.Hartwall aims to achieve zero emission electricity for its premises in Finland and Germany. Meaning that the electricity we use is solely produced from clean sources of energy.

K.Hartwall receives the certificate for 100% carbon-free energy

In a time when environmental responsibility is a top priority, businesses are actively seeking innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. K.Hartwall is no exception and has decided to implement zero emission energy solutions in its main premises in Finland and Germany. This means that the electricity we use is produced without releasing any greenhouse gases to the atmosphere – that is, no carbon dioxide (CO2), no methane, no nitrous oxide or other greenhouse gases.

In 2022 we already achieved that 100% of our electricity was coming from renewable energy sources. For 2023, we are aiming for 100% CO2-free electricity. To achieve this, we have established partnerships with energy providers and sustainable technology firms. One of our partners to guide us on our zero-emission journey is VENI Energy Group, a leading provider of environmentally conscious energy services in the Nordic region who actively helps small- and medium-sized businesses shift to environmentally friendly power sources. With their expertise we have not only accelerated the use of renewable energy sources in our operations but also facilitated knowledge exchange, promoting industry-wide sustainable practices to teach us also how to use our energy as wisely as possible enabling energy savings.

Adopting zero emission energy sources also brings significant economic advantages to our business. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, we can mitigate the impact of fluctuating energy prices. Additionally, by investing in renewable energy infrastructure, we capitalize on long-term cost savings, increasing our sustainable competitive advantage on the market.

Through this proactive approach, we are not only reducing our environmental impact but also gaining economic benefits, reinforcing our position as a responsible and forward-thinking leader in the material handling equipment sector.  By increasing the use of clean energy sources, we want to set the example, showcasing that eco-friendly manufacturing practices are not only feasible but also a better economical solution for all.

We also believe that the success of our business is only measured through our economic performance but also through our social and environmental impacts. The adoption of clean energy solutions will help us to conserve natural resources and protect fragile ecosystems, ensuring a better future for the generations to come.

Jouni Honkala
Head of Delivery Operations

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