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ECOLOTRANS: the Foldia® is a sustainable and ergonomic solution

Ecolotrans has been using demountable roll containers from the very start but realised after testing the Foldia that it was a much more ergonomic, sustainable and effective alternative.

Foldia roll cage in use at ecolotrans

Specialist in eco-mobility and last mile delivery service since 2005, ECOLOTRANS is the leading ecological transporter who offers clean, efficient and sustainable logistics. Its fleet delivers night and day, without restriction in compliance with the environmental regulations. As part of its expansion, particularly in its dedicated order preparation activity, Ecolotrans had to expand its roll container fleet.

Ecolotrans has been using demountable roll containers from the very start and, at first glance, they might appear to be the best option. However, following deeper analysis, Jérôme Viguier, Logistics Director at Ecolotrans, discovered that the demountable handling equipment had a number of drawbacks:

  • The (dis)assembly operations are binding (manipulation / time / physical effort)
  • The lack of robustness of the welding is often a source of product damage and injury
  • Demountable rolls require significant physical effort in transportation, especially during deliveries.
  • The noise emissions during deliveries can disturb the direct environment
  • The end customer is directly impacted

“Roll containers are a key element of our order-picking activity. They are handled by most of our operators and also by our customers. Historically, we used demountable roll cages. After identifying “pain-points”, it was obvious that these load carriers, supposed to facilitate our operations, obstructed our activity as well as our profitability. The Foldia offers a relevant and effective alternative to the demountable roll cage. As we act to combine eco-mobility and profitability, Foldia was totally in compliance with our approach to sustainability. ” – Yacine KARA, CEO at Ecolotrans –

The K.Hartwall Foldia® is a self-nesting, ergonomic and highly space efficient roll cage. It is ideal for city center deliveries and improves the efficiency of reverse and storage operations (1 unit can contain 4 folded ones). Designed to last, the Foldia offers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and is therefore used by major logistics and retail companies around the world to improve their logistics efficiency.

The reason for Ecolotrans to choose the Foldia® was that it removes most of the constraints they had identified with the demountable roll cages:

  • Reduction of physical efforts for pickers, drivers and customers
  • Noise reduction, especially during deliveries in urban areas
  • No need to (dis)assemble roll cages
  • Decrease of damaged goods, claims and risk of accidents
  • Saved time and space in the warehouse and at customers’ premises.
  • Higher user satisfaction
  • Compatibility with the existing fleet – the Foldia® can be gradually integrated

“With the Foldia, K. Hartwall had a quick and effective response to our operational problems. It  allows us also to address other important topics  in our company such as working conditions and Health & Safety. As this is a new unit, we need time to adjust some of our methods, for example: since the Foldia rolls very well, drivers must therefore think about pushing theses less hard! We were delivered very quickly, and are happy to work with the Foldia now. The professionalism and responsiveness of the team at K. Hartwall is a real plus, “ adds Jérôme Viguier, Logistics Director at Ecolotrans

Ecolotrans is also one of the first customers in France to have benefited from our new service: shipping within two weeks for an order from 20 to 432 Foldia® roll containers (type A).

We are happy to welcome ECOLOTRANS among our customers!

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