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We are green

In Finland we are close to nature. It is a part of our DNA, not just a trend. At K. Hartwall we have intensified our efforts over the last four years to manage environmental issues.

Our aim is to constantly reduce the load to environment caused by our operation and to use the best available technology. In the whole manufacturing process we are implementing Lean management to optimize the material flow with minimal usage of energy, transportation and waste.

Here are a few examples:

In our Manufacturing process we are focusing on using raw materials as efficiently as possible. We have set an annual target for steel scrap to be max. 3.8% of incoming steel. In 2015 scrapped steel was down to 93 tons, far below the targeted level with ca 1% of our incoming steel.

During the Surface Treatment process we optimize and control both bath content and bathing times to reach the optimal corrosion protection for the products. We regularly control the residuals in our waste water to ensure they are according to the limits specified in our Environmental Permission.

  • Total amount of waste water in 2015 was 25,500 m3 – a 10% reduction compared to the previous year
  • Total amount of hazardous waste in 2015 was 28 tons – a tremendous drop of over 70% compared to the previous year

We also collect and sort all waste materials in our process. As a part of our environmental program we aim to significantly reduce the amount of landfill waste.

  • As a result we have halved our landfill waste from 2012 to 2015.
  • In 2015 we changed the factory lighting to LED bulbs resulting in an energy saving of 235,000 Kwh/year

In Purchasing we are focused on the environmental impact of transportation distances. We also control the environmental awareness and targets of our partnered suppliers through systematic audits.

In shipping we minimize the effects to the environment by optimizing the delivery lots and container sizes, as well as by using the shortest routes to customer delivery sites.

The plan is to further improve these figures in 2016 and concentrate on new technologies and welding sources to get there.

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