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Metro Romania eliminates massive amount of stretch foil using the Compactainer

The 2-sided Compactainer® equipped with metal add-on doors enables Metro Romania to eliminate an impressive 130 tonnes of stretch foil annually

Outside view of a Metro Romania store

In October 1996, METRO Romania became a pioneer on the Romanian market by introducing the first cash&carry store. The company has always been committed to offering a diverse range of products that cater to the needs of professional customers, such as hotels, restaurants, catering (HoReCa) businesses, and independent retailers, with a focus on providing excellent quality at a reasonable price.

In April 2010, METRO launched a new concept, METRO Punct, to strengthen its relationship with resellers and HoReCa customers and support them in their day-to-day activities. The company currently has a total of 30 stores, including 26 large-format stores and four Punct stores in Romania.

Why K.Hartwall was chosen as supplier for Roll Containers and additional metal doors?

METRO Romania began its collaboration with K.Hartwall in March 2017, when it purchased the first 2-sided Compactainer®. The decision to work with K.Hartwall was based on the company’s extensive experience in the retail industry and its outstanding track record of providing long-lasting products and solutions. As METRO serves professional customers, the quality of products is of utmost importance, and K.Hartwall’s 2-sided Compactainer with precision ball bearing rubber wheels and short pedal brakes proved to be the perfect fit. After successful testing, METRO decided to purchase the first batch for extensive use, and now, after more than five years, the company is still using the same units it bought in 2017. Currently, METRO Romania has over 6,000 2-sided Compactainers.

METRO Romania’s commitment to sustainability led it to seek a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to replace stretch film used in its operations. After thorough testing, the company decided to use metal add-on doors instead of textile doors.

Although the initial cost of metal add-on doors was slightly higher, the total cost of ownership was lower. The metal add-on doors have several advantages, such as:

  • eliminating the use of stretch foil – 130 tons annually
  • saving time
  • being lightweight – ca 3,5kg per door
  • reducing product damage
  • being easy to replace and install.

Moreover, they are a sustainable solution that can be easily repaired and have a satisfying return on investment in less than six months.

Why did Metro Romania choose K.Hartwall’s metal add on doors instead of textile doors?

METRO Romania chose K.Hartwall’s metal add-on doors instead of textile doors based on the results of all the tests, which proved that metal add-on doors were more cost-effective and sustainable. The longer lifecycle, repairability, and ease of maintenance compared to textile doors made metal add-on doors the better option.

Additionally, K.Hartwall’s case stories about other companies using 4-sided Roll Containers for over a decade, such as Varus, Winetime, Fozzy from Ukraine, Rossman from Czech Republic, and others, further convinced METRO Romania that it was the right decision.                                                                                               

Igor Ciric
Retail Regional Sales Manager, Central Europe

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