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Revolutionizing Product Flow: Danfoss implements AGV A-MATE® FreeLift for automated transport

Danfoss uses four AGV A-MATE FreeLift to transport pallets from buffer lanes to assembly cells

Danfoss Drives implemented four A-MATE® FreeLift AGVs in its facility in Gråsten, Denmark. They ensure an automated load carrier transport from the receiving goods station to assembly cells.

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, Danfoss Drives has taken a significant leap forward by implementing the AGV A-MATE® FreeLift at its facility in Gråsten, Denmark. This state-of-the-art Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system plays a crucial role in automating the product flow, ensuring efficient load carrier transport from the receiving goods station to assembly cells. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking technology and how it’s reshaping the logistics landscape at Danfoss.

Automated Load Carrier Transport
At the heart of Danfoss’s facility, four A-MATE® FreeLift AGVs seamlessly navigate the dynamic environment to transport load carriers with precision and efficiency. The process begins at the receiving goods station, where buffer lanes serve as the inbound storage area. Manually driven forklifts unload arriving trucks and fill the buffer lanes, each capable of holding up to 10 pallets.

Intelligent Sensor Integration
Stationary sensors monitor the occupancy status of each buffer lane, automatically generating pick-up orders for the AGV system. The A-MATE® FreeLift then autonomously maneuvers into the correct buffer lane, utilizing its pallet detection feature to identify and pick up the nearest pallet.

Safety First
Danfoss prioritizes safety in its dynamic facility environment. The A-MATE® FreeLift is designed to interact safely with other line-guided AGVs, as well as human workers and manually driven forklifts. Integrated safety features, including laser scanners, emergency stop buttons, and obstacle detection, ensure a secure working environment for both man and machine.

Efficient Transportation to Assembly Cells
Once loaded, the A-MATE® transports the load carrier to its designated destination, such as an assembly cell. This seamless and automated process enhances efficiency, reduces manual handling, and optimizes the overall production flow.

Adaptable to Changing Needs
The versatility of the A-MATE® FreeLift extends to its ability to handle diverse transportation orders. The AGV system accommodates varying requirements with ease, showcasing its adaptability in the face of changing production demands.

Danfoss’s adoption of the AGV A-MATE® FreeLift marks a significant advancement in the automation of product flow within its facility. This cutting-edge technology not only streamlines processes but also sets a new standard for safety and efficiency in industrial environments. As industries continue to embrace automation, solutions like the A-MATE® FreeLift pave the way for a future where intelligent systems seamlessly collaborate with human workers, revolutionizing the way we approach production and logistics.

To witness the A-MATE® in action, check out the full video on our YouTube channel, and for more information, reach out to your local Sales Manager.

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