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A powerful duo

Introducing the powerful combination of K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train and Movexx RR3500S tugger, a game-changer for seamless and safe material handling

🌐 Versatility at its best

The K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train, designed for agile and efficient movement, complements the Movexx RR3500S tugger perfectly. Together, they offer unparalleled versatility to transport loads weighing up to 1 tonne, making them ideal for a wide range of applications and industries.

⏱ Effortless handling

The Movexx RR3500S tugger takes the lead by effortlessly pulling up to 3.5 tonnes of goods at once. This not only enhances the productivity of your operations but also significantly reduces the physical strain on your employees.

👨‍🚒 Improved workplace safety

Safety is key and this dynamic duo takes it seriously. By eliminating the need for forklifts, you not only streamline your operations but also create a safer work environment. Minimize the risk of accidents and enhance the overall well-being of your employees.

💪 Enhanced productivity

With the K.Hartwall LiftLiner® and Movexx RR3500S, you’re not just moving goods. You’re elevating your efficiency levels. Experience a seamless workflow that ensures timely material handling, ultimately boosting your overall productivity.

🌱 Sustainable solution

Embrace a greener approach to material transport. These two fully-electric solutions contribute to sustainability efforts by minimizing energy consumption and reducing the environmental impact of traditional material handling methods.


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