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Maison Thiriet chose K.Hartwall to renew its fleet with Foldia®

To support its development, search for profitability and continuous improvement approach, Groupe Thiriet decides to replace its fleet of demountable roll cages with the Foldia®.

Foldia rollcage fleet at Maison Thiriet

Maison Thiriet is one of France’s leading producers and distributors of frozen products.

It distributes own products as well as a range of other frozen and dry products, mainly to private customers.

Its distribution network is made up of multiple channels: specialized stores, home delivery, website (, and several distributors under the THIRIET banner. They also have dedicated shelves in retail stores such as Monoprix (France) or Manor (Switzerland).

The supply of this network is fulfilled via an integrated logistics network made up of five platforms established on the national territory, 4 of which prepare the merchandise for the stores.

The group’s dynamism is based on its wide and innovative product ranges, the involvement of its 3,000 committed and passionate employees and the flexibility of its logistics tool. 

In 2019, to support its development, search for profitability and continuous improvement approach, Groupe Thiriet decided to replace its fleet of demountable roll cages with the Foldia®.

The FOLDIA® is a foldable and ergonomic roll cage with a folding ratio of 5:1 (1 unit can hold 4 folded units). It facilitates handling operations and improves storage and reverse efficiency.

Its design gives it a long-life span and low total cost of ownership, in compliance with ISO standards.


Olivier PY, Logistic Director at Maison Thiriet tells us about his choice:

«The purchase of roll cages seemed to be a rather simple matter, but on closer examination, we felt it was important to consider all the aspects of the material and all the comments made by the various participants to make the best choice.

To date, the stores employees, the platforms workers and the drivers all recognize that purchasing the Foldia® has hugely improved their day-to-day work. »

What made you decide to use Foldia® rather than the demountables?
«Not only does the Foldia® meet our “primary” needs but it features a number of innovations  in the wheels and straps. However what really weighted in our decision was the fact that the unit is foldable and has no detachable component making it more practical in terms of MSD as it never needs to be carried and is much simpler in reverse logistics. »

What are the main benefits of Foldia® for your business and your employees?
« Less effort, easier to handle, quicker to count during inventories, …this is a real improvement in terms of working conditions and productivity. »

What Foldia® users say?
« Whether on the platform, at the point of sale, or during deliveries, users are unanimous: the Foldia® rolls better and is really easier to use. »

Would you recommend K. Hartwall?
« Yes, of course!  We are satisfied with both Foldia® and the service provided by K. Hartwall. One big asset is also the fact that we now have a repair platform which allows us to manage the maintenance operations on our own. »

« After more than a year and half of use, we particularly appreciate the practicality, ergonomics and durability of the Foldia®, as well as the operational support and follow-up we have received. »

At K. Hartwall we attach great importance to our customers’ satisfaction. We are therefore honored by the trust placed in us and are delighted to be one of the suppliers of Maison Thiriet.

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