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The LiftLiner® – A perfect match for the new Sulzer pump factory

When building an automated production line and a logistics center to modernise their pump factory in Kotka, Sulzer decided to test what equipment brings the most efficiency to their internal logistics.

LiftLiner in successful use at Sulzer HUB logistics

HUB logistics is a privately-owned Finnish logistics company founded in 1992 which currently employs around 300 people. HUB Logistics’ service offering covers internal logistics solutions, storage and wooden packaging services. Customers are, among others, operators in the technology and engineering industries, trade and public administrations. HUB’s vision is to be the fastest growing and developing logistics partner for information and material management – a partner that actively develops logistics solutions with service innovations.

Sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering. They specialize in pumping, agitation, mixing, separation and purification technologies for fluids of all types. Their headquarters is in Switzerland. HUB has been partnering with Sulzer since 2013 and is responsible for the Logistics operations at the Sulzer factory in Kotka Finland.

During spring 2021 Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy launched an investment project. They built an automated and digitalized production line and a logistics center to renew the assembly, test run and painting of the process pumps at the Kotka factory. The new 5,500m2 logistics center enables more efficient handling of components and timely distribution to production. HUB logistics designed the layout of the logistics center, its processes and chose the necessary equipment.

HUB Logistics is responsible for the following areas of the logistics center project:

  • Design of the processes and material flows
  • Selection of the working methods and technologies
  • Calculation of capacities and storage types/methods for item requirements
  • Design of the logistics service for manufacturing line
  • Purchase and investment needed for the equipment and service capabilities
  • Project management and implementation of the
    LC operations

Why the Liftliner®

The LiftLiner tugger train was chosen to implement in the new logistics center for the following reasons:

  • Match with the existing process in the assembly line – perfect for “brown field”
  • Extremely agile in tight spaces
  • Easy to handle: one-man operation to drive and (un)load the train
  • Simple assembly and high compatibility with different tow tractors
  • Development options for future trolley, pallet and delivery needs with one taxi-train type

“The users were impressed when using the LiftLiner for the first time as they were positively surprised by its agility and how easy it is to drive through the factory. The fact that one could deliver without thinking about any sequencing was seen as an advantage as it improves the speed of the operations. Also, the combination of the LiftLiner with the high-quality daughter carts makes it very easy to use.” comments Saku Lehtola, Operative Site Manager at HUB Logistics.

Today, the Sulzer Kotka factory has one train with 3 LiftLiner pairs in use to transport efficiently diverse components. When the process is in full operation, they plan to broaden the use of the LiftLiner with an additional train of 3 pairs that has been already delivered together with the 150 EURO-pallet sized Daughter Carts. Utilising the Daughter Carts efficiently in the storage & picking operations together with the LiftLiner will bring the biggest benefits to the overall process.

For more information about the LiftLiner tugger train please check the following video on YouTube or on our LiftLiner webpage.

Mikko Rissanen
Key Account Manager, Finland and Baltics

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