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Schiever Group chooses Foldia® to replace its demountable fleet

In its process of continuous improvement, the SCHIEVER Group was looking for a sustainable alternative to reduce the health & safety risks in its operations

Schiever warehouse equipped with Foldia rollcages

SCHIEVER Group was founded in 1871 in central France. It operates and supplies a network of 113 supermarkets, 21 hypermarkets, 37 DYI, 200 convenience stores, 4 textile stores, 5 restaurants and 4 distribution centers. It operates the following brands: Auchan, Atac, Maxi Marché, Proxi Marché, and bi1 banners. Today it employs 7,000 people mainly in France but also in Poland and Tajikistan.

As with all retailers who use demountable roll containers, SCHIEVER Group faced the following typical issues:

  • Time-consuming and non-ergonomic (dis)mounting operation
  • Significant effort to pull out (during pushing) and blocked wheels
  • Difficulties in passing obstacles and maneuvring on uneven floors during deliveries
  • Non-optimal reverse logistics – requiring real effort from operators
  • Impact damage to welds on sidewalls
  • Maintenance due to poor quality

In its process of continuous improvement, the SCHIEVER Group was looking for a sustainable alternative to reduce the health & safety risks in its operations. It is in this context that at the end of 2018, the Foldia® and K.Hartwall SmartShelf were selected for their convenience network.

The Foldia® is a foldable ergonomic roll container which offers a folding ratio of 5: 1 (1 unit can contain 4 folded units). It facilitates handling operations and improves the efficiency of storage and reverse logistics.

Its design gives it a long lifespan and low total cost of ownership, in compliance with ISO standards.

The K.Hartwall SmartShelf® is a shelf attached to the unit with adjustable height to adapt to the needs of the operators.

SCHIEVER Group has chosen the Foldia® equipped with a SmartShelf® with the aim of:

  • Gradually convert its fleet to Foldias® which are fully compatible with the existing demountable operation
  • Reduce the number of manual operations and the Health & Safety risks for employees in the warehouses
  • Ease handling and conveying for drivers during deliveries
  • Optimizing flows and storage at points of sale
  • Reduce noise and physical nuisances
  • Speed ​​up reverse, counting and sorting operations

This decision reflects the experience of the management, employees and customers at the SCHIEVER Group:

”On the field, our operators appreciate the Foldia because it requires less physical effort and the SmartShelf makes it easier to organize the load. In reception, counting, sorting and storage operations are accelerated and require less space. Finally, our point-of-sale customers now request to be delivered with the Foldia. I am really satisfied with the quality and level of service provided by K. Hartwall. ” – Alain Fouchy – Director of the SCHIEVER warehouse in Paron

 “The packaging platform has become more efficient with the easier assembly of the Foldia. In preparation, logistics agents appreciate the ergonomics of the Foldia. For example, packages slide better on the plastic base and are better protected. The quality of the Foldia finish helps limit the risk of injury. ” – Christophe, Patrice, Anthony and Julien – Team Managers at the SCHIEVER warehouse in Paron

“With the Foldia, gathering roll cages for returns is simplified, and it rolls much better! ” – Thierry – Driver on the SCHIEVER network

“The Foldia facilitates the work of our staff, in particular to move and position the Foldia in the store in order to replenish the shelves! ” – Fabien – Proxi store in St Pierre les Nemours

It is our number one priority to ensure the satisfaction of our customers both through the quality of our products and the service provided. We are therefore delighted that in 2020, the SCHIEVER Group renewed its trust in K. Hartwall as a key strategic supplier.

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