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U Proximité France improve their operations with Foldia®

While renewing its equipment, U Proximité France, realised that they could easily improve their operations and the work conditions of their operators within the warehouse, the stores as well as under transport.

U Proximité France is dedicated to supplying goods to a 350 convenience stores in rural and urban areas in the south east of France.

While in a tender U Proximité France realized that they could easily improve their operations and the work conditions of their operators within the warehouse and in the stores as well as during transport. The solution was clear: the Foldia® roll container equipped with an adjustable SmartShelf®!

The Foldia® is an ergonomic foldable roll container, with a 5:1 folding ratio (1 units can hold 4 folded units). It improves your efficiency in reverse logistics and has a long lifespan for a low total cost of ownership, while complying with ISO standards.

The SmartShelf® is  a shelf attached to one side of the roll container which can be adjusted up and down to accommodate multiple package sorts and sizes.

The first trials proved the concept and quality of the Foldia, but also revealed that the benefits would impact our whole Supply Chain as well as safety and comfort of all users” explained Grégoire Van Tichelen, Logistic Operations Manager.

After several month, the use of 2 500 units resulted in fundamental improvements:

  • No more (de) mounting of roll cages
  • No loose parts with no more losses of side walls or shelves
  • Reduced physical efforts from all operators, meaning less accidents
  • Faster reception, counting and sorting operations
  • Noise reduction, moreover during deliveries in urban areas
  • Time & space saving in stores and at the warehouse
  • Less damaged goods and complaints
  • Satisfaction of users
  • Compatibility with existing fleet – the Foldia® can be upgraded step by step

As for any load carrier, there are some damages caused by forklift shocks and strapping in trucks, but thanks to the Repair Station supplied by K.Hartwall, almost all damages on Foldia® can be easily fixed. The need for spare parts is very limited.

“ The Foldia eased on-site operations, and the Repair Station allows fixing damages with minimum efforts and costs” said Edmond DIEU, Picking and Assets Team Leader.

Additionally U Proximité France, appreciated the operational support of K.Hartwall before, during and after the integration of the Foldia.

“ Working with K.Hartwall was a key decision for the group, since we calculated that this investment immediately generates concrete savings… And it is much appreciated to be supported and advised by our supplier, while initiating a step change in our organization, to increase our efficiency and reduce our operational costs” added Grégoire Van Tichelen, Logistic Operations Manager.

We are glad to count U Proximité France amongst our customers, thanks for your trust.

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