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Introducing: The LiftLiner® RC

K. Hartwall is proud to be the first company to launch a tugger train for roll cages and dollies.

LiftLiner RC tugger train

With the LiftLiner® RC, K. Hartwall is expanding its successful product line. This new tugger train is the first solution on the market which can transport a wide range of roll cages and dollies.

This will generate a significant increase of time saving, especially in Retail, E-Commerce as well as Parcel & Postal operations by significantly reducing manual handling.

A LiftLiner® RC can carry up to 8 roll cages or dollies and the loading bays are equipped to handle up to 500 kg. Like the standard LiftLiner® it is fully electric and the innovative rooftop shape and tilting technology allow the operator to handle the load carriers in a safe and ergonomic way.

Key features and benefits:

  • Transports up to 8 roll cages or dollies
  • Very compact and agile design
  • Loading and unloading from either side
  • Innovative rooftop shape and tilting technology
  • Safe, ergonomic and user-friendly handling
  • Excellent tracking accuracy

With this new tugger train solution, operators improve the handling of existing load carrier fleets and streamline their operations. The LiftLiner® RC enables a forklift free production environment which, ultimately, leads to the reduction of the overall operating costs.

For more information on the LiftLiner® RC visit our product page!

You want to see it live? Then join us from 25-27 April 2023 at LogiMAT in Stuttgart at booth 6D61.

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