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Jerker Hartwall appointed CEO

I am pleased to announce that Jerker Hartwall has been appointed CEO for K.Hartwall as per 7.9.2017, says Risto Pyykönen, Chairman of the Board.

Jerker has been part of the K.Hartwall company for the past 23 years. Starting from the factory floor, he has been later working in different positions including Head of Production, VP Sales & Marketing in North America and most recently Head of Product Development.


During all those years Jerker has proved his capabilities and his genuine interest for the business. He has accomplished numerous achievements and gathered a deep knowledge of the market and developments which have occurred in our industry. Most importantly he knows the people at K.Hartwall and how to lead them.


Jerker is positive, determined and inspiring. Therefore I strongly believe that he is the right person to lead the company in these both turbulent and exciting times to find innovative logistics solutions for our current and new customers.


I am convinced that under Jerker’s leadership the company will grow stronger and be proactive to help our customers to solve their logistics challenges of today and tomorrow.


We have now all it takes to grow substantially as defined in our strategy. I am very confident and see a bright future for K.Hartwall with Jerker in the lead.



Risto Pyykönen

Chairman of the Board

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