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K.Hartwall becomes major shareholder of A&A Logistik

K.Hartwall, Finnish provider of returnable logistics solutions, announced today the acquistion of A&A Logistik-Equipment GmbH & Co. KG., a German company providing logistics equipment for different industries. During the past years A&A has heavily invested in developing tugger train solutions and AGV’s.

The company, founded in 1992, is located in Heidenau near Hamburg. The business is currently divided into two core segments: standard equipment and special projects for customers in various industrial segments. Since the start the company has shown a strong focus on innovation. In 2011 the Elephantboard® conquered the market. It is a versatile Dolly that can be modulated according to your needs. Latest in the family is the LiftLiner Tugger train system. Also A&A is a frontrunner in developing and supplying customised Automatic Guided Vechicles (AGV’s).  They supply large German customers such as Volkswagen and BMW. The company has a turnover of 4 M€ and employs 25 people.

“The acquisition strengthens both parts of our business by widening our expertise and product range to offer better services to our customers. A&A has always been working on developing innovative solutions to help our customers to improve the workflow within their supply chain”, said Frank Haltermann, CEO and co-owner of A&A.


“By putting together our strengths we become a major global market player in the material handling equipment. K.Hartwall’s experience in Lean logistics management and international trade gets combined with A&A expertise. This will enable us to enter both new customers and new markets as one unified strong team. We are proud of this step we are taking together,” says K. Hartwall CEO, Jerker Hartwall.


He adds, “We are very pleased with our new acquisition as we share the same goal to facilitate efficient supply chains to improve distribution processes in manufacturing locations.”

For further information about A&A Logistik-Equipment please check their website:

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