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Occupational Safety – Vision Zero Forum Level II achieved

Occupational safety at K.Hartwall shown by the example of a robot welding plant

K.Hartwall has received recognition from the Vision Zero Forum for achieving a Level II rating, marking a significant milestone on our path towards becoming a world leader in occupational safety.

This is the first time that K. Hartwall has received such a rating, and it speaks to our commitment to improving safety within our organization.

Improving occupational safety is a challenging task, requiring us to build and maintain a safe working environment and create effective tools. However, it also involves fostering a culture of safety, where individuals and work communities take ownership of their safety responsibilities. We have found that this work demands perseverance and dedication.

To receive this rating, we had to meet a range of safety criteria, including having a systematic procedure for reporting safety observations, near misses, and accidents. Over the past year, K. Hartwall has introduced a new system that makes it easy to report safety observations, ensuring that all reports are handled efficiently by the appropriate personnel. We have also provided safety training for all staff and actively encourage everyone to make safety observations, emphasizing that every observation and action counts. Safety is our core value and an integral part of our daily operations.

Thanks to our continuous efforts, we have reduced our accident frequency rate by 66% over the past year. In fact, the workplace accident rate was the lowest in K.Hartwall’s history last year, at 12.53 (number per million hours worked). We extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to this achievement through their commitment and hard work towards safety at work!

The Vision Zero Forum is a network for Finnish workplaces sharing a genuine desire for continuous improvement of occupational health and safety. The main principle of the Forum is to share successful practices and to learn from each other. It includes today almost 600 workplaces in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, service, mining, logistics or even municipalities, covering approximately 18% of the employed workforce in Finland.

It’s worth noting that the Vision Zero Forum identifies three levels of achievement, and we are proud to have reached Level II. This accomplishment is a testament to our ongoing efforts to enhance our safety procedures and cultivate a culture of safety that is embraced by every member of our team.

Pekka Syvänen
Head of Process & Quality

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