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Toplicanin is the next Junior Sport Team to be sponsored

After China and South Africa K.Hartwall continues its Junior Sports Support Program around the world. The next stop is in Serbia. The selected children are from two junior volleyball teams – girls and boys – named Toplicanin.

The fourth Junior Sport Team is situated in the city of Prokuplje, 260 km south from the capital Belgrade. The main revenue in the region comes from the automotive industry and agriculture.

This time we had opportunity and honour to have with us the famous Serbian Volleyball player, member of Volleyball Hall of Fame and Global Ambassador at Special Olympics, Mr. Vladimir Grbic. It was actually his suggestion to support the Topcanin team which he has been following for a long time.

With K.Hartwall support the club has been able to buy new sport equipment, t-shirts, shorts, shirts for official games also balls and snickers for almost 40 children.

“When K.Hartwall asked me if we should do it this in Serbia, I was very happy that I can take small part in this amazing program in my country and help as much as I can. I hope that the new gear can help to keep the kids even more engaged.  The biggest gift was to see happy faces of these boys and girls.  I am sure they will enjoy in their favourite sport even more now.” reported our Regional Sales Manager Igor Ciric.

“I think that the most important thing is that children should be kept away from the street. Usually being part of a sport team helps. With this small contribution we want to promote sport as a great value for kids and take this opportunity to invite all companies who are not doing this to follow our example and to support in the same way as much as they can.”

“Our small contribution can be big for someone else”.

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