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K.Hartwall donates €1,000 to the Frame runners ARV Achilles

K.Hartwall donates 1.000 Euro to the Frame runners ARV Achilles

On Saturday December 11th, after the weekly training of the Frame runners, there was a special moment on the athletics track of ARV Achilles. The club received a donation of €1,000 from K.Hartwall. This amount has been increased by 50% by the Dutch Foundation for Handicapped Children. The total amount of € 1,500 will go to children with motor and multiple disabilities who participate in Frame running.

The children were first able to perform their regular training on the track of Achilles on Saturday and have fun with the relatively new sport of frame running. And it was a perfect day for it as the sun was shining. At the end of the training, Ruud Touw, trainer & former pediatric physiotherapist, explained that with the donation from K.Hartwall the club could purchase of a new Frame Runner for the children. Anton van Ginneken, Sales Manager Western Europe, was present on behalf of K. Hartwall to hand out the cheque for €1,000 to ARV Achilles.

“K. Hartwall is a Finnish logistics equipment company providing efficient supply chain solutions to its customers. Our goal is to give back to the community wherever we can in each of the 65 countries where we sell our products. Our donations especially go to children for whom sport is not easily accessible due to a physical, mental, or financial challenges.  We hope that other companies will follow our example.”, says Anton van Ginneken.

The cheque itself was presented to Frame runners Fenna and Wouter, under the supervision of their parents, the board of Achilles and other interested parties. Afterwards, people could have a chat in the canteen and enjoy a bowl of pea soup. Anton van Ginneken proudly attached the K.Hartwall logo to the door of the storage garage where the frame runner tricycles are kept. ARV Achilles is extremely grateful to the company for their contribution, and to the Dutch Foundation for Handicapped Children for increasing the amount with another €500.

Frame running at Achilles

Frame running is a relatively new sport, originating from pediatric rehabilitation, in which children, young people and adults walk and/or run on a Frame Runner, a tricycle without pedals and equipped with a chest support. This sport is intended for people with congenital or acquired brain damage whose motor functions are impaired. For this group of athletes with a disability it is important to improve their mobility and fitness through training.

Ruud Touw takes care of the training sessions for the children on Saturdays and is assisted by Wouter de Kort, who is now a well-known Frame runner himself. He is a recognizable point of contact for parents and children and a true ambassador for this sport. Wouter and other Frame runners are now also participating in various running events, such as the Van Oers Marathon Brabant. It is inspiring when children and adult athletes participate with their frame runner in local activities such as the Family Run and the 5k and 10k runs together with all the other athletes!

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