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Increased efficiency

The combination of speed, optimal length, fast operation and loading from both sides makes the LiftLiner the most efficient Tugger Train on the market today.

Maximum flexibility

The LiftLiner works perfectly with different trolley sizes and is fully independent of the sequence for loading and unloading – just load and drive.

Superior agility

The compact design and unique crossbar coupling system of the LiftLiner provides excellent maneuverability and tracking even in tight spaces.

Streamlining the logistics process

The LiftLiner is a superior tugger train solution for internal logistics and an excellent choice for forklift-free environments. It maximizes the flexibility you need for efficient deliveries to your production line.
With the LiftLiner you avoid the complexities of sequencing deliveries to the production line in advance. Loading of different sizes of K.Hartwall carts on both sides without the need to modify the LiftLiner truly enables a streamlined logistics process.

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The most innovative tugger train on the market

PLAY THIS VIDEO to see the LiftLiner’s impressively tight and precise turning in a running production. Its agile maneuverability is also suited for driving on slopes and outdoor operations. All of this is made possible by the unique and patented steering system.


For further details check the brochure below.


A spacesaver in your production

The compact design of the LiftLiner makes it the shortest tugger train solution on the market.


It requires no additional space than the load it carries.


This minimizes the space needed for production logistics significantly.

LiftLiner brochure

Safe and easy handling

Handling loads up to 1000kg per unit is safe and easy with the innovative design of the LiftLiner.


The special tilting technology even makes the loading and unloading process highly operator friendly.


In fact, it only takes 3 seconds to lift up to 1000kg and be ready to continue the route. Lean logistics has never been easier.

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Product Manager, Tugger trains

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