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AGILO – a high-end conveyor AGV

Check out in our latest video all the great features of the AGILO AGV: its omnidrive to move quickly and easily even in confined spaces and its gripping table which can load and unload from both sides. The AGILO drives to the conveyor belt, grabs various load carriers and delivers them to the robot line.


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Clever load carriers will optimise your logistics

By adding a sensor, a load carrier can become an intelligent asset that has the ability to produce data. There are several sensor technologies available but more important than the technology are the benefits that can be unlocked.


Product highlight

Make the next Smart Move with the Flower roll container

This roll container is designed for the transport, storage and display of flowers and green plants. Its beauty? The adjustable shelf height and angle which transforms this load carrier into a ready-to-sell unit within seconds.


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