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10 year anniversary between Mega Image & K.Hartwall

During the past 10 years Mega Image, one of the TOP retailers in Romania, switched from wooden pallets to roll cages and today, more than 99% of total volume are delivered on the Compactainer® roll cages.

intralogistics in grocery industry

Mega Image, Romania, member of Ahold Delhaize Group, is one of the TOP retailers in Romania with 2 big DCs servicing more than 600 stores mostly located in Bucharest.

10 years ago Mega Image selected K.Hartwall’s roll cage, the Compactainer®, to replace their wooden pallets to increase the efficiency of their operations throughout their Supply Chain.

Why did Mega Image choose K.Hartwall?
“As we tested samples from different suppliers it became clear that K.Hartwall would be our choice. Premium quality and low total cost of ownership were the key triggers for our decision. High tensile steel and high-quality wheels were also very important. Now the top of it we know that the life span of roll cages is ca 10-12 years. – explains Adrian Spataru, Loss prevention Manager, Mega Image.

10 years of cooperation and 60.000 + roll cages is the proof that we made the right  choice”, Spartaru concludes.

Our Goal
At K.Hartwall we want to have a true and long-term partnership with our customers and above all we want to be a reliable partner, who is driving progress and have open communication.

A great example of these core values is our long-term cooperation with Mega Image, to whom we have supplied over 60.000 Roll Cages and bring our support in many different ways over the past 10 years.

We strive to be true partners to our customers: fast responsive, just on time and solve the challenges.

Where did Mega Image find the biggest benefits?
“With K.Hartwall’s Compactainer® we managed to decrease manual handling time, especially during replenishment in stores. With over 600 stores every minute saved is crucial to the cost-effectiveness of our operations.

Also more than 70% of our employees in stores are women. Thanks to the Compactainer® roll cages we have managed to ease their tasks as it was much harder and time consuming to operate heavy wooden pallets. In transport we increased vehicle utilization in transportation and use much less stretch foil in warehouse.”

K.Hartwall 2 sided A-frame Compactainer® roll cage
With our robust sandwich wheels and minor improvements over the last 10 years, the Compactainer® has been proved to be a very good choice.

Other members of Ahold Delhaize group also recognized our professionalism. As a result, we are proud to say that we are working closely with 4 big names: Mega Image Romania, AB Vassilopoulos Greece, Albert Heijn Czech Republic and Delhaize Serbia. All of them are now using the 2-sided A-frame Compactainer® with only small differences in specifications.

At the end, when you are making the decision to purchase equipment, we know that price does matter but the most important is to consider the total costs of ownership and quality. The price is not the unit price but the price that you divide by the lifespan of the equipment.

That is the key to efficient logistics!

If you want to buy a car and plan to travel long distances for many years, the question is which car would buy – the cheapest on the market or the most robust and reliable? Think about it.

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