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K.Hartwall chosen as Preferred Supplier by SPAR International

K.Hartwall preferred supplier for retail SPAR International

We are proud to announce that K.Hartwall has been chosen to be part of the preferred supplier programme of SPAR International.

SPAR is the world’s largest group of independently owned and operated retailers and wholesalers, who work in partnership under the SPAR Brand. The group comprises of more than 13,500 stores in over 48 countries. SPAR International is responsible for the development of the SPAR organisation worldwide and for the enhancement of the competitiveness, productivity, and profitability of both retail and wholesale partners.

Why we are extremely proud is because you don’t just pay your way in or just become a preferred supplier to SPAR. “SPAR International preferred suppliers are selected based on a number of criteria including high quality, latest technology, competitiveness, ethical conduct and, of course great customer service. Working in partnership with these suppliers helps SPAR to maintain its competitive advantage. I look forward to working with K.Hartwall and to achieving benefits for our licencees,” says Tom Rose, Head of International Operations at SPAR International.

“We are excited about the new common journey we have in front of us as we are sure that K.Hartwall has a lot to bring to support SPAR retailers and wholesalers to overcome their current challenges in terms of logistics efficiency, warehouse automation, health & safety and sustainability, a topic which we know is a top priority for SPAR.   K Hartwall  are already supplying SPAR Switzerland and SPAR Poland with Foldia® roll containers which are designed to be handled either manually or by their conveyor belt making it an efficient and ergonomic piece of equipment which improves goods handling in their DC”, comments Stefan Lindh, Head of the Retail Business Unit at K.Hartwall

With a mutual focus on knowledge sharing and product development to best fit the needs of both retailers and wholesalers, we hope to best serve the SPAR community. To begin with, we will concentrate our efforts on commonly defined countries and organise open discussions and educational seminars to bring our expertise at the service of the distribution centres, store owners, and members of the worldwide SPAR network.


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