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New cooperation agreement signed with Jungheinrich

LiftLiner tugger train with Jungheinrich tugger and elephantboard lshelf wagon

K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train system to be part of Jungheinrich product portfolio ensuring customers to get quality and after-sales services from a single source.

Jungheinrich is expanding its product portfolio with the LiftLiner® tugger train system. For this purpose, Jungheinrich will cooperate with  K.Hartwall and profit of their many years of expertise supplying logistics solutions globally.

Up to eight daughter carts on the LiftLiner® trailer system can be coupled with Jungheinrich electric tow tractors of the EZS series 1, 3 and 5. “The tugger system is an innovative and effective solution with an incomparably compact design,” says Matthias Maurin, Head of the Tow Tractor Product Segment at Jungheinrich. The patented steering offers a tight turning radius and excellent maneuverability. High safety and ergonomics during use are key features of the system.

LiftLiner® special tilting technology makes it possible to ergonomically load and unload the trolleys on either side. With the tugger trains unique functionality, flexible and efficient production supply can be implemented in companies of any size. The solution also proves advantageous in the logistics and shipping sectors. “The user-friendly, lean solution helps streamline processes and significantly reduces costs,” says Maurin. “Multiple transports significantly reduce staff and vehicle deployment.”

In total, customers in Europe can choose from four different dimensions of the LiftLiner®, whereby both industrial and Euro pallets can be accommodated. Load units weighing up to 1,000 kilograms can be transported. At the same time, the tugger trains enable the consistent further development of fully automated solutions: As an option, the LiftLiner® can also be towed by Jungheinrich’s automated EZS 350a tractor. In addition to efficiency gains, the LiftLiner® tugger trains also offers a clear ecological advantage by reducing overall energy consumption through transport bundling and avoiding empty runs as the trains are mostly operated in Milk Run mode.

“We are pleased about the cooperation with Jungheinrich. Our joint customers get competence and quality from a single source,” says Frank Haltermann, Product Owner at K.Hartwall. At the same time, LiftLiner® customers can rely on the usual professional Jungheinrich service: A strong team of over 5,700 after-sales service technicians worldwide ensures that all intralogistics processes run reliably around the clock.

Key facts:

  • Customers to get both high quality products and outstanding after-sales service on LiftLiner® tugger train system
  • The LiftLiner is suitable for manual, semi-automated and fully automated operations
  • Carts that can be loaded and unloaded from either side making the LiftLiner a very flexible solution
  • The LiftLiner can be towed by Jungheinrich’s automated EZS 350a tractor

To know more about the LiftLiner please check this video or check our LiftLiner product page.

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