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New partnership in the Middle East

KHartwall's Herrick & Stefan at YES UAE

We are very happy to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with Yes Machinery, a leading industrial and cleaning machinery supplier in the United Arab Emirates.

“Right from the start, we realised that both companies had a lot in common. Yes Machinery’s objective has been since it started in 2016 to redefine how the machinery business is done in the Middle East. They focused on adding value by promoting the best solutions, empowering product expertise, setting up a demo center to see and try the product, and above all, a flexible approach to the customers and their needs.”, says Stefan Lindh Head of BU Retail at K.Hartwall who has been meeting the responsible of the company in Dubai.

This cooperation will enable YES Machinery to add one more vertical to their product portfolio and services by being now able to deliver high quality and smart material handling solutions such as roll containers, dollies, foldable cages and tugger trains in the UAE but also for the different countries in the region as the company has offices in UAE and Oman, and has expansion plans to be also present in Saudi Arabia.

We look forward to bring our solutions to the companies in the region to optimise the efficiency of both their internal and external logistics, reduce manual handling costs and provide the users with ergonomic and sustainable solutions.

For more information about YES Machinery please check:

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