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Cooperation agreement signed between K. Hartwall and Avertas Robotics

We are proud to announce that K. Hartwall Oy and Avertas Robotics Oy have agreed to start a close cooperation on the mobile robot sector.

Avertas Robotics will act as an exclusive distribution, integration and after sales partner for the A-MATE, K.Hartwall’s AGV mobile robot, on the Finnish and Swedish markets.

With the combination of world class technical and software mobile robot solutions, which are delivered and implemented with highly skilled people, our customers have now access to turn-key AGV solutions on their journey to more efficient and automated internal logistics.

K.Hartall was founded in Söderkulla, Finland in 1932. K.Hartwall’s customer promise is to bring logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including mobile robots, tugger trains and returnable load carriers as well as associated services.

A-MATE is the best-in-class fully electrical pallet AGV, developed specifically for demanding logistics environments. Key customer benefits include free lifting, highly accurate free laser navigation and space-efficiency based on omnidrive movements.

Avertas Robotics is a robotics integrator representing high quality robot suppliers like KUKA or Fanuc. The company was founded in 2010 and has already over 500 customers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Scotland.

“We are proud about this cooperation with Avertas as we are truly confident that we got the most skilled and trustful company with strong local presence as our partner.
Together we are able to deliver high quality products and great customer service and will significantly grow our business in the Nordic markets”, says Jerker Hartwall, CEO at K. Hartwall.

“I am really happy to have found such a strong and like-minded partner like K. Hartwall, together we benefit from each other’s strengths and can satisfy our customers”, adds Ari Laukkanen, CEO at Avertas Robotics.

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