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We go service-oriented in Sweden

Even the best things can break due to wear and tear or rough handling that load carriers experience on a daily basis. This is why we started a customer focused service partnership with Plåt & Svets i Stenkullen AB in Gothenburg.

The aim is to help our customers with after sales, repair and maintenance.

Plåt & Svets specialises in the manufacture, repair & maintenance of packaging and transport fixtures for the automotive industry. In cooperation with their customers they are able to develop and produce prototypes and customer specific packaging. For example they manufacture the EasyFold 1 and EasyFold 2 boxes that K. Hartwall has supplied to both Volvo Cars and Volvo Group Trucks Operations.

The repair services within Sweden were launched in the spring 2017. The service network is currently based at two locations and can also be done on site if needed. With this additional service as part of our offering we hope tostrengthen the cooperation with our customers and help them to reduce their total cost of ownership and ensure the safety and well-being of their employees.

This new area of business opportunity is a natural development for us at Plåt & Svets. Our company is growing and to be able to do that togheter with a strong partner such as K. Hartwall feels exciting. It gives us the opportunity to present our other service areas such as maintenance, LEAN development and logistic solutions and, togheter with K. Hartwall we bring knowledge and experience that is unique in this business.

As customer contracts for service and repair agreement are increasing, the feedback from our customers has been very positive. This new service offering has created a positive buzz on the market so come and speak to us about your service needs!

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