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We want to reinvent the way logistics is done. Here you can read insights from various customers in different industries explaining how they have improved their operations. You can also discover our latest innovations and the future industry trends we have identified.

Impressive results with the Lean Solution

Companies who implemented the Lean Modular Solution have reported cost savings of up to 40% and increased productivity of up to 55%.

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Do you know your total Supply Chain costs?

You most likely know your yearly transport costs and cost per shipped unit. You will also know your DC personnel costs and total cost of DC operations. But do you know the hours used and the costs for replenishment in stores? Do you know how much it contributes to the total handling costs?

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Where to start your Lean journey?

Lean is essentially to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. To accomplish this, Lean thinking changes the focus of a company from optimizing the different assets, technologies and departments to optimizing the flow of products and services through the entire value streams from suppliers all the way to the customers.

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We are green

In Finland we are close to nature. It is a part of our DNA, not just a trend. At K. Hartwall we have intensified our efforts over the last four years to manage environmental issues.

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More than just a supplier

As stated in the latest strategy update last June, Posti aims to be the number one provider of postal and logistics services to its customers in 2018. They have also stated that the most important financial target is to maintain good profitability and keep one step ahead of the ongoing fast transformation of the postal industry.

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The New K. Hartwall Repair Data System

In addition to selling some of the most innovative containers in the market, K.Hartwall wants to help our customers lower the total cost of ownership of load carriers which is why we are introducing a brand new cloud-based Repair Data System.

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Do you know where your load carriers are?

Total of assets in use: unknown. Loss of assets: significant. Unnecessary buying of assets. Tied in capital of assets: not optimal. Operational disturbances due to uneven distribution of assets.

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Effective alternatives to loose loading

Loose loading of parcels between terminals is a very common way of operating within Postal – and for good reasons. As a large part of the overall logistics costs is tied to transportation, assuring the maximal cubic fill especially for long distances in trucks or containers is smart and cost efficient.

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64 junior teams to get support in 64 countries

K.Hartwall has launched a welfare program to support a Junior Sport team in each of the countries where it is doing business. The first awarded Junior Team is situated in Liuzhou City, 1500 km East of Suzhou. Read more

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Combining parcel and letter streams

Because flagship automated sorting systems are undeniably glamorous, it is easy to overlook the huge potential efficiency improvements that can be achieved by optimising manual handling operations and maximising cubic fill.

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K.Hartwall makes massive investments in new equipment

To further improve quality and efficiency we have invested in cutting-edge laser cutter, wire processing and welding techniques.

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plat & svets logo

We go service-oriented in Sweden

Even the best things can break due to wear and tear or rough handling that load carriers experience on a daily basis. This is why we started a customer focused service partnership with Plåt & Svets i Stenkullen AB in Gothenburg.

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K.Hartwall global partner network for local support

Get global to become more local

Our continued focal points for the automotive sector have been geographical expansion and continued development of the solution and product offering.

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modular load carrier from K.Hartwall

A new level of modularity

While sorting automation has been key to improve operations, labour costs can still account for the majority of operating expenses, and often as much as 30% of space in every trailer is empty during transit.

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SmartCube solution for customer Ahlsell

The SmartCube® was the perfect fit for Ahlsell

Ahlsell Sweden have been undergoing a huge expansion for the past 3 years and invested tens of millons euros to build a high storage warehouse. For this new operation they needed a suitable and efficient load carrier.

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foldable cages in parcel sorting centers

Sharing the load

The term “Loose load” describes the loading of cargo directly into a truck or container without the use of load carriers. Today, loose loading is widely used for both bulk transportation and parcels as it maximises truck fill. But see what PostNord has tested.

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automated parcel handling with foldable cages

The Parcel cage, perfect for manual and automated handling

Growth of parcel volumes is putting pressure on the labour intensive parts of the operations where most of the parcels are handled individually. Bringing robotics and load carriers together can help posts reduce their reliance on manual labour in the sorting centers.

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Better visibility, better control

Our customers consistently agree there is room for significant improvement in their asset management practices. The challenge varies between customers and industries, but the common theme is the lack of data and visibility.

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K.Hartwall roll cages are used in the grocery industry

Working close to our customers

Our Sales Manager in France has been working with Picard Surgelés to create a training video for their operational teams. Picking was earlier made in demountable roll cages so it was crucial to teach the end users how to handle the new equipment.

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We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because they have roses

One may emphasize the beauty and fragance of a rose or one may only think about the threatening pain of a thorn. That begs the question: What should you consider in terms of price vs lifespan when investing in roll containers?

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SPAR using Foldia as roll cage solution

Foldia® was the right solution for SPAR

SPAR Handels AG Switzerland is a leading retailer with independently owned and operated food retail stores and gas stations. SPAR started a project in 2016 to rethink their transport management with foldable roll container.

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roll cages in the beverage industry

This is how we came up with Foldia® Plus

While meeting with customers in Brazil, we came into talks with a major hard discounter retailer, active in the greater Sao Paulo region as well as many other areas around Brazil. They used demountables with height extensions.

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K.Hartwall and Mega image celebrating the 10 year cooperation anniversary

10 year anniversary between Mega Image & K.Hartwall

During the past 10 years Mega Image, one of the TOP retailers in Romania, switched from wooden pallets to roll cages and today, more than 99% of total volume are delivered on the Compactainer® roll cages.

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Omega Ltd (Varus) strive to improve their logistics

Omega Ltd (Varus) strive to improve their logistics

Omega Ltd is one of the fastest growing retailers in Ukraine. They decided to change their operations from wooden pallets to roll containers. After testing different roll cages they chose the Foldia®. The criteria were low weight and high quality.

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Foldia roll container grocery industry colruyt group

RETAIL PARTNERS COLRUYT GROUP rethink their internal logistics with the Foldia® roll cage

Retail Partners Colruyt Group selects K. Hartwall Foldia® to replace their demountable roll containers in order to gain safety and reduce operational costs.

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LiftLiner tugger train in parcel logistics

The LiftLiner in parcel logistics

Forklifts are widely used in parcel operations today to move different load carriers. However, the need for greater throughput is making sorting centres more congested and forklift movements are becoming an increasing challenge for many parcel operators.

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K.Hartwall strives for customer success by innovation

Our customer’s success is our success

We believe that continuous innovation is key to long-term partnerships. See here how our designers develop an improved milk trolley within weeks to support Arla UK instead of creating a new product which was not needed.

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Roll container use reduce the total cost of ownership at Rossmann in Czech Republic

Total Cost of Ownership is Rossmann Czech Republic’s way of thinking

“We have been working with K.Hartwall for 12 years and the principal reason for this long-term partnership is the honest relationship, true support and very good quality of the products.”

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UPF improve their internal logistics with Foldia roll cages from K.Harwall

U Proximité France improve their operations with Foldia®

While renewing its equipment, U Proximité France, realised that they could easily improve their operations and the work conditions of their operators within the warehouse, the stores as well as under transport.

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product portfolio intralogistics K.Hartwall includes tugger trains roll container and foldable cages

Are you prepared for the new future?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the world is facing unprecedented challenges. There is a lot of uncertainty in the air, which makes planning for the future very challenging. From an operational perspective, what are the things postal and parcel companies should be considering to be better prepared for the coming years?

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Foldia roll cage in use at ecolotrans

ECOLOTRANS: the Foldia® is a sustainable and ergonomic solution

Ecolotrans has been using demountable roll containers from the very start but realised after testing the Foldia that it was a much more ergonomic, sustainable and effective alternative.

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Clever load carriers will optimise your logistics

By adding a sensor, a load carrier can become an intelligent asset that has the ability to produce data. There are several sensor technologies available but more important than the technology are the benefits that can be unlocked.

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Improved TCO thanks to adapted tools and training in South America

Improved TCO thanks to adapted tools and training

To help repair and maintenance work, K.Hartwall has designed a repair bench with a set of suitable tools. A good example of utilizing the repair bench is a leading supermarket chain in Ecuador.

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Be smart, be sustainable

We are all familiar with the idea of TCO – total cost of ownership. However, it is not just the cost that we should approach with this method. The same should concern the sustainability aspect of the way we work and the investments that we make.

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Schiever Group chooses Foldia to replace its demountable fleet

Schiever Group chooses Foldia® to replace its demountable fleet

In its process of continuous improvement, the SCHIEVER Group was looking for a sustainable alternative to reduce the health & safety risks in its operations

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4-sided Foldia roll container for wine retail

4-sided Foldia® – A great solution for delivering exclusive gastro food and wine

Foldias were a perfect fit for Winetime's logistics operation and provided a lot of benefits both in terms of cost-efficiency and also better ergonomics for their employees.

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Foodex using Foldia for the in store retail logistics

Why choosing a roll cage could be the biggest logistics decision you ever make?

The humble roll cage, stalwart of the logistics industry for many years, continues to be the most efficient way to move mixed loads through the supply chain with minimal handling and ease of replenishment.

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Maison Thiriet choses K.Hartwall to renew its roll cage fleet with Foldia

Maison Thiriet chose K.Hartwall to renew its fleet with Foldia®

To support its development, search for profitability and continuous improvement approach, Groupe Thiriet decides to replace its fleet of demountable roll cages with the Foldia®.

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Selgros using K.Hartwalls rollcage Foldia Plus is an ideal adjustable solution

Foldia® Plus – the perfect “adjustable” solution for Selgros

“First we were thinking about the space that we could save in the DC, the stores, as well as in the trucks, but we soon noticed that the Foldia® Plus had a positive impact on the entire supply chain”

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Rollcage at Fozzy Group

Fozzy Group gained in efficiency and found a sustainable solution: the 4-sided Compactainer®

The main reasons for choosing K.Hartwall roll cage were high quality combined with low weight compared to other 4-sided roll containers.

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AGV A-MATE moving loaded pallets automatically from point A to point B

Automate to accumulate: Mobile robots for improved productivity

A need for greater efficiency and automation is now making mobile robots an even more relevant option for parcel operators.

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A-MATE lifting pallet onto conveyor system with 360 degree safety

Automation, sustainability and tracking key in logistics

When logistics firm K.Hartwall asked customers about their biggest challenges, warehouse automation, asset tracking and sustainability were among the top trends they identified.

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Easy load handling with the Liftliner Tugger train at Posti Finland

The LiftLiner® is the complete package

By moving from forklifts to the K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train, Posti Group managed to not only increase its productivity by almost 40%, but also to increase the safety of its employees.

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castorama using SmartCube Jumbo

CASTORAMA adopts the SmartCube® Jumbo

Castorama Poland selects K. Hartwall SmartCube® Jumbo to replace pallets to increase the efficiency of their operations

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LiftLiner tugger train for parcel operations

The secret to building resilient supply chains

The writing is on the wall. Empty shelves, delayed, missed or cancelled deliveries, and rising prices of goods. How do we break out of the global supply chain crisis? Automation might be the answer.

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A-MATE FreeLift lifting a pallet onto a shelf in up to 1.1 meter height

Why SMEs should bank on mobile robots

Supply chain automation has traditionally been unaffordable and difficult for SMEs. Not anymore. Next gen technologies like mobile robots can be a game changer for the sector. Find out how.

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K.Hartwall blog about dark store logistics solutions

Navigating the dark store dilemma

The retail dilemma of whether to have more dark stores or not is becoming more complex. Is there a smart way out of this maze? Find out.

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K.Hartwall CEO Jerker Hartwall

90 years and thriving

As the world copes with rapid digitalisation, climate change and geopolitical events, K. Hartwall finds itself poised to create lasting change in the logistics sector.

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Introducing the new counterbalanced AMR A-MATE Counter

Introducing: The A-MATE® Counter

K. Hartwall is proud to announce the launch of the world's most compact counterbalanced AMR in its payload class.

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LiftLiner RC tugger train

Introducing: The LiftLiner® RC

K. Hartwall is proud to be the first company to launch a tugger train for roll cages and dollies.

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LiftLiner tugger train in use at Sulzer plant

The LiftLiner® – A perfect match for the new Sulzer pump factory

When building an automated production line and a logistics center to modernise their pump factory in Kotka, Sulzer decided to test what equipment brings the most efficiency to their internal logistics.

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The 4-sided Compactainer in use at Metro Romania

Metro Romania eliminates massive amount of stretch foil using the Compactainer

The 2-sided Compactainer® equipped with metal add-on doors enables Metro Romania to eliminate an impressive 130 tonnes of stretch foil annually

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SmartCube foldable cage for standing items in use at BAHAG Bauhaus

BAHAG implements the SmartCube® Standing Items to replace pallets

The main aim was to make the handling of long or bulky items more economical and ecological. K.Hartwall SmartCube® Standing Items was the perfect fit.

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Lean Dollies and Adaport Pallets in use at THK Czech Republic

THK uses K.Hartwall Lean Dollies & Adaptor Pallets to further improve their intralogistics

Thanks to them, they can eliminate unnecessary manual handlings such as the reloading of boxes from pallets to carts.

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K.Hartwall aims to achieve zero emission electricity for its main factories in Finland and Germany

100% carbon-free electricity in 2023

In 2023, K.Hartwall aims to achieve zero emission electricity for its premises in Finland and Germany. Meaning that the electricity we use is solely produced from clean sources of energy.

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A powerful duo

Introducing the powerful combination of K.Hartwall LiftLiner® tugger train and Movexx RR3500S tugger, a game-changer for seamless and safe material handling

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4-sided Compactainer carrying parcels at Saudi Post Logistics

Saudi Post reduces manual handling and improves ergonomics

The 4-sided Compactainer® was a firm choice for this purpose

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CASTORAMA Poland further enhance their logistics with the SmartCube® Light

The synergy between the SmartCube® Light and SmartCube® Jumbo was evident, with the ability to stack two SmartCube® Light cages on top of one SmartCube® Jumbo for even greater vehicle cubic efficiency

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Automate your logistics processes with A-MATE AGVs

K.Hartwall recognizes the need for automation in logistics operations and has developed the most advanced intralogistics solutions to address it – the A-MATETM FreeLift and the A-MATE Counter.

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ZF implements the LiftLiner® to improve efficiency and reduce TCO

ZF adopts the LiftLiner for their largest factory in Saarbrücken which is dedicated to fully-electric drives production.

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Deutsche Bahn implements the LiftLiner® for their most modern maintenance plant

Deutsche Bahn is using our LiftLiner® in their new maintenance plant for the ICE trains. It was a challenging project as the hall is 450 meters long.

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The 4 big trends in retail logistics you don’t want to miss

The global retail market is continuously growing driven by increased warehouse automation, urbanisation and a growing focus on sustainability.

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